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What is Does Energy Mean?

Everything within the environment is unmovable without an energy source, including humans if it were not for energy causing movement to happen. Any object setting itself or something else into motion is energy. The sun, moon, stars, all manmade products, such as a lawn mower, vehicles on the road, balls used in any games, humans and all creatures require some element of energy.

Even though there are numerous forms of energy, there are only two categories of energy.

  • Potential energy means there is an excess of energy stored for future use
  • Kinetic energy is energy that moves anything and everything in the environment

Who Discovered Energy?

This topic expands an answer into the size of Texas. This answer depends upon what kind of energy he or she is referring. This question goes as far back to the period from 1745 to 1827. Count Alessandro Volta born in Italy was the man credited to the discovery of energy.

Volta along with one of his colleges Luigi Galvani, an anatomist discovered the battery with Galvani giving Volta the idea of the first battery. Volta made the battery his invention and was the father of the invention of energy.

There are at least six sources of energy. Different inventors in history discovered each source of energy used in today’s society.

-Sir Isaac Newton

Newton discovered Kinetic Energy. All objects contain Kinetic energy.

-Nikola Tesla

Tesla discovered Radiant Energy in 1889.

-James Prescott Joule

Joule discovered Thermal Energy.

- Galileo

Italian astronomer and physicist, was the greatest contributor to the understanding of Sound Energy.

-William Gilbert

In the 16th century, William Gilbert discovered the Latin word for electricity or Electrius. Electrius, now is known as electricity.

- James Prescott Joule

Associated potential and kinetic energy or motion and position and discovered Mechanical Energy.

What Does Energy Do?

In the simplest of terms, energy works to set an object in motion. The answer to this question depends upon what form of energy he or she mentions. Each source of energy has differing outcomes.

Energy in its many forms is present in the Earth’s environment and cannot be captured nor destroyed. Energy comes from many different sources, causing movement, and energy always causes change.

Energy transferred from the sun called Solar Energy sets something in motion. Solar Energy is one example. This Solar Energy converts the sun’s energy using its powers to move or create solar powered heat.

The energy harnessed by the wind, such as through wind mills by companies like those found at, use Wind Energy to motivate power for such things as heat and water consumption. Wind is not able to transfer energy from the sun any more than solar energy transfer’s energy from the wind. Each source of energy has their own focus and outcome.

In conclusion, no matter what society needs done energy is always in the environment to help whether it is nuclear energy, chemical energy, electrical energy and much more. Society cannot live without the capacity of energy.

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When following these seven tips, one can protect their household and complete their task safely.

Masks: When painting or dealing with chemicals, one should wear a mask. When worn properly, one will avoid breathingin potentially deadly gas.

Ladder: When using a ladder, one must make sure that it is on solid ground. Otherwise, a homeowner can easily fall and suffer a serious injury.

Gloves: With gloves, one will protect their hands against splints and thorns. Now, some may scoff at this, but these injuries can cause serious pain to a worker.

Water: During a DIY project, (more…)

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Sprucing up your yard is a great way to increase your home’s value and its appearance. Keep reading to discover the best five items to spruce up your yard, regardless of size.

Decorative rocks appeal to many families who want to make their outdoor space more attractive.

Water is also a great way to beautify your yard. Whether you install a pond or something as simple as a wishing well, adding a water feature to your yard will give it a touch of serenity unlike any other object could. (more…)

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The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms in a home. It is important that your kitchen is functional and organized. This will save you valuable time when trying to prepare meals and snacks for your family. You can buy kitchen organizing tools at your local home improvement store. Clean your refrigerator out at least once a week. This will help you keep track of food that is old or past the expiration date. Wash your refrigerator with equal parts of vinegar and water. You can also use a spray bottle (more…)

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Decorating your bedroom windows is an easy task that you can accomplish on your own. All you need is to decide on what type of blinds you want to install. Think about the room’s decor before choosing window blinds. White mini or maxi blinds is a popular choice because they let the light in the room while providing privacy. You can choose blinds that are available in wood or plastic.

Plastic blinds are much cheaper than (more…)

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Improve the overall appearance of your home and its value by taking advantage of simple projects that are completely free and can be completed in just a few days time. By improving the look of your home, you will feel more comfortable and at ease while within the space. Your house should say a lot about who you are as an individual and as a family. These weekend DIY ideas will spice up your space and get rid of things that shouldn’t be there in the first place.

Cleaning (more…)

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Don’t make the mistake of thinking that you need to hire an interior decorator to help you with your decorating. With a little imagination, you can have a beautiful home which was decorated without any help.

. Paint your living room a light neutral color. This way, when visitors stop by, you will have the appearance of more space thanks to the lighter color.

. Be creative with your picture frames. If you prefer, you may consider finding some picture frames (more…)

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In a world of eco-friendly conscious people, saving the planet through energy conservation has been at the forefront for the last decade. Switching to a green lifestyle has become the norm for many Americans across the country. They have given up behaviors that waste excess energy and are much more conscious of the many daily decisions that affect their carbon footprints. Around the home, there are many simple things that a homeowner can and should do to save on electricity and energy usages.This/tag (more…)

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The home’s curb appeal is the first thing many people see when they look at a house. To increase your home’s curb appeal, you can focus on some key areas. Three fun ways can make the entire home’s appearance look fresher and newer. These ways can impress family, neighbors, potential buyers and friends when they see the difference in the home’s exterior.

The first way is a landscaping project. Look around the neighborhood to compare the (more…)